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Steve Harrelson of the Harrelson Law Firm is an auto accident lawyer Bentonville, AR offers who may represent you for your claim or lawsuit. Auto accidents are stressful enough when no one gets hurt, but if you’ve suffered an injury, it’s that much worse. It’s important to protect your rights and receive full compensation for your damages from the at-fault driver.

As a trusted Bentonville auto accident lawyer, Steve Harrelson has helped thousands of his clients over the years. He offers a free consultation for car accident victims who wish to resolve their claim as fast as possible. Insurance companies may be less likely to try to take advantage of victims who have a well-respected attorney by their side.

Over the years, many of the same questions arise from victims who sustained injuries in an auto accident. During your consultation with Steve, he can address your questions that are specific to your case. Below are answers to some of the most common questions he receives.

If the insurance company tells me they want a written statement about the car accident, do I have to give them one?

The law does not require you to do so. And in fact, it’s probably not a good idea to give them a written statement or even a recorded statement about the car accident. This is because anything you say may be used against you to:

  • Deny your claim
  • Reduce the settlement they offer
  • Discredit you in court if you file a lawsuit

When you have an auto accident lawyer Bentonville, AR provides who is looking after your best interests, they may deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company gave me an offer to fix my car and pay for some of my medical costs from my injury. They said that if I accept their offer I have to sign a release of liability. What does that mean?

If you have not yet met with an auto accident lawyer in Bentonville, AR do not accept their offer or sign anything from them. A skilled and experienced attorney may review your case and determine if the insurance company’s offer is fair. Very rarely is the initial offer what they’re actually capable of paying. An auto accident lawyer Bentonville, AR drivers turn to in similar cases may negotiate a higher settlement amount. You deserve maximum compensation, so don’t settle for anything less. Once you sign the release of liability it’s very difficult to receive more in damages. This is true even if it turns out your injury is more serious than you thought. A good auto accident lawyer Bentonville, AR residents call may take this into account as well when dealing with the insurance company.

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Steve Harrelson of the Harrelson Law Firm is happy to review your case at no charge. Call today at (501) 374-2210 if you would like the assistance of an auto accident lawyer Bentonville, AR injury victims turn to for help.


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