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Case Study: Nursing Home Negligence

Steve Harrelson’s first foray into medical and nursing home malpractice came in his first year of practice in El Dorado, Arkansas.  While the terms of the settlement are confidential, the facts leading to the suit were egregious, and it was an early example in the career of someone who wanted to use his skills helping others who did not have the resources to fight the battle themselves.

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Case Study: Obtaining a Presidential Pardon

Prior to entering law school, Steve Harrelson was interested in public service.  Steve managed a congressional campaign while studying for the bar exam and juggled political office in the state legislature while growing his budding law firm in the early years of practice.

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Case Study: Pan Am Flight 103

Steve Harrelson, a Bentonville trial lawyer, was contacted by a family who lost a loved one in Pan Am Flight 103.  While justice seemed hopeless, the cause was picked up by the Harrelson Law Firm and others around the world who lost loved ones in the tragic place crash.  Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988.  The bombing was found to be the result of a terror attack orchestrated by Libyan nationals.

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Case Study: The NFL Concussion Settlement

Steve Harrelson was successful in participating in the class action lawsuit involving concussions and brain injuries resulting from years of play.  A $1 Billion settlement was reached with the NFL, NFL Properties, and retired NFL players (and their family members).  The retired NFL players filed suit due to the NFL’s failure to warn players of potential brain injury (along with failing to disclose pertinent information it knew of the damages associated with participation).

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Case Study: How a Crushed Ankle Will Change Your Life

A potential client hobbles into the office of Steve Harrelson 14 months after crushing his ankle in life-changing fashion. Four months after agreeing to help, the lawyers at the Harrelson Law Firm are staring at a looming trial, 24 boxes of discovery, and a stack of pre-trial motions filed in an attempt to divert attention away from the needed preparation for trial.
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Case Study: So You Hit Someone from Behind…End of Case? Not So Fast

Steve Harrelson knows that you cannot judge a case based on the 10 second sound bite. For instance, isn’t it the rule of law that if you hit someone from behind, it’s your fault, and case closed, right? Absolutely not.
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