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Steve Harrelson’s first foray into medical and nursing home malpractice came in his first year of practice in El Dorado, Arkansas.  While the terms of the settlement are confidential, the facts leading to the suit were egregious, and it was an early example in the career of someone who wanted to use his skills helping others who did not have the resources to fight the battle themselves.

In the early 2000’s, nursing home negligence suits were not common, although juries were beginning to be educated with complicated facts associated with nursing home care.  Taking on powerful nursing home companies even for the most extreme and shocking care proved to be daunting, as the landscape of Arkansas law (and the law of other states) made it difficult to recover funds from nursing home negligence.

In addition to difficult law and the powerful nursing home lobby, there was a maze of bureaucratic red tape to navigate, particularly for a young lawyer one year out of law school.  Making Freedom of Information requests became routine and necessary by reviewing the facility’s records with the Department of Human Services and the Office of Long Term Care, among others.  It became necessary to review records from the Arkansas State Medical Board and the Arkansas State Board of Nursing.  Learning and applying the standard of care, along with hiring nursing and physician experts, was essential.

After hours, weeks, and months of reviewing records and learning the ropes, Steve Harrelson filed suit on behalf of his clients and was immediately and ceremoniously the recipient of boxes of discovery.  Records were bates stamped and organized, and the office was consumed with documents, exhibits, and medical records associated with this case.

Steve noticed up all relevant witnesses for deposition, and his first deposition included having to fly to Palm Springs, California to depose the former administrator of the nursing home.  After a year of expending all resources possible and preparing for trial, Steve Harrelson achieved a significant and massive settlement for his clients, who represent the estate of their loved one lost due to extreme negligence on the part of the nursing home.  Steve Harrelson found this experience to be very rewarding, and it kicked off a career of taking up the causes of those who do not have the resources to fight large corporations on their own.

Steve Harrelson, a medical malpractice and wrongful death lawyer licensed in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas, stands ready to help those who have lost loved ones due to the medical mistakes of another.


Steve Harrelson is the founding partner of the Harrelson Law Firm, P.A.and is licensed to practice law in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas with offices in Texarkana and Bentonville.