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Steve Harrelson knows that you cannot judge a case based on the 10 second sound bite.  For instance, isn’t it the rule of law that if you hit someone from behind, it’s your fault, and case closed, right?  Absolutely not.

In 2014, a 40 year old potential client with a walker shuffles into the office of Steve Harrelson after a near death experience followed by an excruciatingly long recovery period.  Earlier that year, on his way to work one routine morning, right before dusk on a foggy morning, the paper mill worker noticed cars approaching in his rear view mirror.  Being in the left lane, he did the prudent thing and signaled a lane change to allow them to pass.  Without warning, he then ended up in a crumpled heap, fighting for his life.  Little did he know, he rear-ended a tractor trailer rig that was driving extremely slow in the lane of traffic – without lights on.

Many lawyers would have turned the case away on the 10 second sound bite.  But Steve Harrelson dug in and considered all the facts from the client before evaluating the case.  The paper mill worker had over $1 million in medical expenses with a broken back and broken neck and spent his 40th birthday in a rehabilitation center learning how to walk again.

Discovery showed that the driver had only been on the job six days, and this was his first time on the highway without a helper/trainer in this particular rig.  His log books regarding the routine step of turning on the lights were not filled out, and the black box in the rig could not ascertain the speed at the time of impact.  However, the driver did admit to Steve Harrelson in deposition to stopping on the side of the highway and looking at his tires a quarter mile before the collision.

Steve Harrelson knows that you can’t prepare a commercial trucking case as if it were a motor vehicle accident between two privately-owned cars.  It requires a review of trucking regulations and company hiring, training, and supervision policies in an effort to maximize the case.  And it’s always important to listen to all the facts when evaluating the case.  Don’t turn it down just because the client rear-ended another vehicle.

Thanks to a complete review of CFR government regulations and a strategy of organized preparation, Steve Harrelson and the paper mill worker developed a way to resolve this case in the Plaintiff’s favor at mediation.  For these reasons, it is imperative to hire a veteran litigator and experienced trial lawyer in regard to courtroom strategy. Steve Harrelson, a personal injury lawyer, stands ready to help.