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When you are looking for a divorce lawyer Bentonville, AR has an ample choice of law firms to choose from, but not all are created equal. A divorce can be a complicated legal issue rife with financial woes, custody battles, and disagreements. Without an experienced Bentonville divorce lawyer on your side, you might risk losing out on privileges that you are rightfully entitled to. If you are getting a divorce, Harrelson Law Firm is ready and able to protect your rights.

My spouse has taken the children and moved out. Now he/she is saying that I cannot see them. Is this allowed?

Under Arkansas legislation, your spouse can move out. However, without a court order specifying child custody arrangements, he or she does not have the right to deny you access to your children. Legally, you can take the children whenever you want, and without time restraints. As the parent, it is your right to spend as much time with the children as your spouse.

If your spouse is making threats or refusing you access to your children, you should consider talking to a divorce lawyer Bentonville, AR has to offer. It may not be a good idea to do what your spouse asks and avoid your children. In doing so, it could look as if you don’t care about seeing your children or having custody of them. That could result in your spouse gaining legal and full custody of the children.

As long as there is no court order specifying otherwise, you should be able to legally pick them up from school, take them home, care for them, feed them, and so forth, just as you did before your spouse moved out. To confirm that this is the case, consult a divorce lawyer in Bentonville, AR from Harrelson Law Firm to get legal advice.

If your spouse is acting without communicating with you, the divorce process may become more difficult. In addition, the children’s’ mental and emotional well being may be negatively affected as a result. A divorce lawyer Bentonville, AR provides can talk to you about your child custody options and the necessary legal process you will need to undergo to put that into place.

Should you find that your spouse will not support your desire to have a relationship with your children, you can talk to a divorce lawyer Bentonville, AR trusts about getting legal custody. In doing so, both parents’ relationship with the children can be established.

If there is a court order against you, depending on the nature of that order, your ability to legally have access to your children could be affected. When this is the case, a divorce lawyer Bentonville, AR can discuss the options you might have.

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