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Common Alimony Questions Answered

Family Lawyer Bentonville, ARAs a family lawyer Bentonville, AR can offer might explain, the purpose of alimony is to provide financial support to the spouse in need of monetary help following a divorce. The term duration of alimony can be either permanent or for a specified period. Temporary alimony can be awarded during the divorce process to help one spouse until the divorce has been finalized.

Here we have covered some of the basic questions surrounding alimony decisions and factors. If you have any additional questions or concerns related to alimony, please contact a family lawyer Bentonville, AR residents respect from the Harrelson Law Firm at (501) 374-2210.

How Can I Request Alimony?
The request for alimony can be part of a divorce proceeding. Both parties can attempt to find a resolution regarding the need for alimony, the ability to pay alimony, and the amount to be paid. However, if you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement, a judge or court will decide how appropriate alimony would be. In this situation, a family lawyer Bentonville, AR has to offer would be able to represent your interests in court.

What Can I Do if My Former Partner is Late on Alimony?
If your former partner is late on alimony payments, you can submit a motion for contempt and request the court to take appropriate steps to enforce this order. You may need to hire a Bentonville family lawyer for additional counsel if you’re facing this problem.

Can the Alimony Change or Be Cancelled After Divorce?
Alimony can be adjusted if there are significant life-changing circumstances. If the spouse paying alimony wants the amount adjusted or cancelled, he or she has to submit this request with the court that formerly granted the alimony. Additionally, if the spouse paying alimony has substantial hardships due to paying alimony, the court can decide to decrease or eliminate the original order. Many individuals contact a family lawyer in Bentonville, AR after their former partner has acquired a large sum of money, or begins to earn a higher salary, and is therefore capable of paying a higher alimony amount.

How Do the Courts Decide Alimony?
A judge or court can decide whether or not to accept an alimony request, decide how much is awarded, and decide on the length of time alimony will be paid. These decisions are based on many of the following factors.

  • Financial needs of each spouse
  • Annual income of both spouses
  • Ability of each spouse to support oneself
  • Time needed for a spouse to get a job or necessary training in order to obtain employment
  • Length of marriage
  • Age of each spouse
  • Standard of living for both parties while in marriage
  • Ability of spouse paying alimony to support him or herself for duration of alimony term
  • Reasons leading to the separation or divorce
  • Physical and mental condition of each spouse

What is Separate Maintenance?
Separate maintenance is defined as monetary support that is paid from one partner to the other while they are still married. The court can order separate maintenance if one spouse is refusing or failing to adequately support the other spouse, in the case that he or she is in genuine need.

What Happens if I Get Remarried?
Remarriage can be a reason for alimony reconsideration, but is not always the grounds for termination of alimony payments. Your former spouse may have to ask the court to terminate the alimony order if you remarry. If your spouse remarries, this likely wouldn’t have an effect on the alimony payments you receive.

Contact a Family Lawyer Bentonville, AR Depends On

The processes of awarding, paying, and receiving alimony can be very complex depending on the circumstances of each case. For more information, or to speak with a family lawyer Bentonville, AR residents trust, please contact Harrelson Law Firm today at (501) 374-2210.