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Hospital Malpractice Claims

Hospital Malpractice Lawyer Bentonville, ARWhen you need a hospital malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR offers, contact the Harrelson Law Firm. Our attorneys have successfully represented many clients who sustained catastrophic injuries due to medical negligence.

As a respected law firm dedicated to serving the legal needs of our community, Harrelson Law Firm offers a complimentary case review. If you haven’t decided whether or not to pursue legal recourse, discuss your case with a hospital malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR injury victims trust.

The Claims Process

To help you understand the process of filing a malpractice claim, the following is a general guideline of the necessary steps you and your attorney may take. A hospital malpractice lawyer in Bentonville, AR from the Harrelson Law Firm may provide more information about this process as it relates to your case.

Step One: Determine Responsibility

Responsibility can fall to any or all of these parties:

  1. The hospital or medical clinic. Some are corporate-owned and some are independently operated.
  2. Medical practitioner. Very often this is a doctor or surgeon, but it could also be a nurse or nurse practitioner.
  3. Hospital employee. Sometimes this is the doctor, but it may also be maintenance employee, a lab technician, or other staff.
  4. Independent contractor. Many physicians are independent contractors, but depending on the medical case, additional contractors may come in contact with the patient. This can include x-ray technicians, lab employees, etc.

Though the medical malpractice may have happened inside of a hospital or clinic, that does not guarantee that the facility or even the doctor is responsible. Medical malpractice suits are often complex and can involve multiple parties. Proving responsibility isn’t always easy. This is why it’s important to hire a Bentonville AR hospital malpractice lawyer. Our attorneys at Harrelson Law Firm are experienced with malpractice cases. We have a trusted network of professionals with whom we may consult to build strong cases.

Step Two: File the Claim On Time

Personal injury claims, including malpractice cases, must be filed within the statute of limitations. A hospital malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR injury victims hire could review your case to determine the deadline. Your attorney from Harrelson Law Firm may make sure that all deadlines are met to prevent a dismissal of your case.

Step Three: Prepare a Certificate of Merit

To help reduce or eliminate baseless medical malpractice cases, a certificate of merit is often required. In preparation of filing this certificate, the hospital malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR patients recommend may do the following:

  1. Retain a medical expert as a witness who could review your case and medical records.
  2. The expert may have to swear under oath that it’s their belief that the negligible party or parties caused your injury due to their malpractice.
  3. Submit this documentation in addition to other necessary paperwork when filing your case with the court.

The Harrelson Law Firm

Our medical malpractice lawyers work under a contingency fee arrangement with clients. This means you may not have to pay upfront or out of pocket. In fact, you may not have to pay us until or unless we win the case or negotiate a settlement. Call us today to arrange a free consultation by a hospital malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR victims turn to when they need legal representation to protect their rights.