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Trip And Fall Lawyer Bentonville ARPersonal Injury Common Accidents

A Bentonville personal injury lawyer might define a personal injury in many ways. Someone who is suffering due to the negligence of another party can turn to a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Bentonville such as Steve Harrelson of Harrelson Law Firm. He can provide you the legal advice and strong representation you need in order to protect your rights.

Below are common types of personal injury accidents, the victims of which can be represented by Steve Harrelson of Harrelson Law Firm, a respected Bentonville personal injury lawyer:

8 Common Personal Injury Claims

Car Accident – in order to properly protect you from financial loss it is important all drivers carry insurance that includes liability.

Product Defect – products offered to the public must pass various tests and be deemed safe for use. A manufacturer should be held accountable if their product harms a person in some way.
Harmful drug – held to standards of safety for ingestion or use, and can result in lawsuits against the company if the drug is damaging to health or causes a fatality.
Poor Conditions – if a building or property is not properly taken care of, the owner can be held liable for negligence and failing to secure a safe area for people to occupy.
Slip and Fall – public places and retail stores must maintain a safe property for the public. If they fail to do so it can result in a slip and fall accident.
Medical Misdiagnosis – damages as a result of a doctor or staff member missing a condition or incorrectly diagnosing a patient that results in any degree of injury or harm.
Dog Bite – bites are held to a very strict standard of liability, you have the right to sue an owner for physical and emotional damages.
Assault or Behavior with Intent – you can pursue a civil lawsuit if a person intended to harm you, or actually did as a result of their behavior.

A Bentonville personal injury lawyer can go over the details of your case and decide which category of injury is most applicable. Steve Harrelson can provide various services such as helping with the initial claim filing, and ensuring the necessary legal documents are filled out correctly, and gather proof in support of your injuries.

It is important you see your doctor as soon as any of the above injuries occur, so we can start working on your behalf right away. If you are the victim of a medical misdiagnosis, seeking a different doctor for treatment may be in your best interest. A Bentonville personal injury lawyer can provide you the guidance you need to move forward.

Please call to speak with a personal injury lawyer Bentonville respects about how they can settle your case for the maximum compensation possible for you to receive. The first consultation is free, so do not hesitate to call us at (501) 374-2210 today to schedule a meeting with a trusted Bentonville personal injury lawyer.