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Am I entitled to monetary compensation in the event of a bicycle accident?

If you have been injured in the event of a bicycle accident you may be entitled to monetary compensation; consider calling one of the top Bentonville personal injury lawyers in the field. Our dedicated firm can provide you with the powerful legal support you will need in the event of an accident. Our team will work tirelessly as we fight for the compensation you could deserve.

What are common accident causes?
Bicycle accidents can be caused by a number of different factors; but often are the case of negligence by another party. Drunk or distracted driving and driving at unsafe speeds are just a few of the ways that accidents begin. Often times, these accidents happen very quickly, giving bicyclists no time to react when placed in an unsafe set of circumstances. Drivers following too closely, or not checking blind spots are also common instances of neglect on the part of drivers, which may compromise the safety of bicyclists. Our dedicated community of Bentonville personal injury lawyers are highly skilled and armed with the tools to evaluate your case and fight to get you the compensation you may be entitled to.

Why should I consider calling Harrelson Law Firm?

The Bentonville personal injury lawyers at Harrelson Law Firm fight for the safety of our community. We are uniquely suited to help you with your questions and concerns about building your case. We have been a part of Arkansas history for over 50 years and provide nationally recognized legal advice while remaining deeply rooted in our local legal community. We offer personalized advocacy from veteran litigators who are truly here to fight for you. The Bentonville personal injury lawyers have a tight knit and passionate team that believe no one should be left to suffer the consequences, both physically and financially, of an accident alone.

Can I setup a no-cost consultation today?

Our firm of Bentonville personal injury lawyers can help you to schedule a no-cost consultation right away. We are here to help you maximize your chances of securing full and fair compensation. Harrelson Law Firm is extremely passionate about the safety of bicyclists in our community, especially because we are a part of it. Our very own Steve Harrelson has competed in many bicycle competitions around the U.S. including the Big Dam Bridge 100 mile event. Our firm strongly believes in the importance of bicycle safety because we see its effects first hand. If you were placed in a compromising set of circumstances leading to a bicycle accident, our lawyers are prepared to do whatever it takes to get you the compensation you may deserve. All consultations are set up with one of our personal injury lawyers in Bentonville to make this process as convenient as we can make it for our clients. Contact the Bentonville personal injury lawyers of Harrelson Law Firm today to set up a free consultation.