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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Bentonville, AR

When it comes to working with a medical malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR locals agree that Steve Harrelson of Harrelson Law Firm is an excellent choice. Medical malpractice, also commonly known as medical negligence, occurs when trusted medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and other trained medical personnel fail to provide adequate treatment and cause serious personal injury or loss of income to patients under their care. Unfortunately, many accidents and deaths occur that are preventable.

Valuing profits over people, some companies will hire inexperienced workers, fail to implement proper safety measures, and make other decisions to cut expenses that put patients at risk.  Steve Harrelson, our medical malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR is an experienced trial litigator with valuable experience taking on hospitals, clinics, doctors, nursing homes, and other medical providers who make unfortunate mistakes.

Some common medical malpractice injuries include:

  • Scarring;
  • Disfigurement;
  • Loss of limbs;
  • Birth injuries; and
  • Death.

Effects of Medical Negligence

From disfigurement and death caused by medical negligence to loss of limbs, there is an extensive range of injuries that can occur to victims of medical malpractice, much of which is the fault of medical professionals. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to medical negligence, it is important to hire an experienced Bentonville personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Aside from the pain of physical complications, you may be suffering from mental and emotional trauma, as well as exorbitant medical bills. In addition to this, being injured may mean the inability to perform your job, resulting in lost wages and the inability to support your loved ones. We can help you recover compensation for all of these costs.

It’s important to know that good people make mistakes.  This doesn’t make them a bad person — it makes them human.  Steve Harrelson, our medical malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR, has experience all over Arkansas and the Ark-La-Tex taking on medical providers and their insurers for costly mistakes that have caused serious injury and death.  Some medical injuries can shorten a lifespan, some can curtail a person’s quality of life, and some can end a person’s life.  Determining the cause of these injuries and death requires a knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer and a team of expert physicians who review every single relevant fact available.  This intense style of litigation is necessary in order to win your case.

Recovery of Damages

An experienced Bentonville medical malpractice lawyer can tell you what types of damages you stand to recover if your claim or lawsuit is successful. Some are more common than others, but each case is unique due to the varying circumstances. In addition, there may be a maximum threshold that applies and which places a limit on the total amount of damages that a victim can recover per incident.

Steve Harrelson is a medical malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR offers. He can review your case at no charge. At that time he may be able to provide a general idea of what compensation you may be eligible to collect from the negligent party or parties. If you mutually agree to work together, he can perform a more in-depth assessment of the damages you can collect and provide a clearer picture on the potential recovery amount. Here are three of the most common categories of damages that a medical malpractice lawyer in Bentonville, AR will often seek:

  • General. This type of damage refers to a victim’s state of mind and quality of life after the injury or injuries incurred due to medical malpractice. A medical malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR families hire may enlist a medical expert’s testimony to attest how the victim’s injury caused general damages. Common examples include:
  • Pain and suffering on a physical and mental level.
  • Estimated loss of future income, based on what the injured or deceased victim would have likely earned for the duration of their career or job if they had not been hurt or killed.
  • Loss of the enjoyment of life. This unfortunate state of being often happens when a person can no longer enjoy the activities, hobbies, or events that they once did because their injury prevents them from doing so. For example, they may no longer be physically able to pursue their passion for cultivating flowers because their injury limits their mobility.
  • Special. This type of damage is more quantifiable than general damages. A medical malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR residents rely on such as Steve Harrelson can determine what types of special damages apply in a particular case. Very often, they include many of the following:
  • Medical bills that have already been accrued, as well as likely future medical bills in relation to the injury incurred due to the medical malpractice.
  • Hourly wages or salary plus benefits that the victim couldn’t earn while they were recovering from their injury. If the injury prevents them from returning full time to their job and they are forced to earn less money as a result, the difference in pay can often be included as damages.
  • Punitive. This is less common than general and special damages. Punitive damages might be assessed when the medical professional willfully performed an action that they knew would harm their patient when they could have helped rather than harm them. Many times, this is very difficult to prove. A medical malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR victims turn to may push for punitive damages when warranted so as to send the message that such behavior is not acceptable.

Turn to Our Proven Trial Lawyer for Help

At the Harrelson Law Firm, we abide by the belief that you should not be held responsible for the physical, emotional, and financial hardship of someone else’s negligence. Steve Harrelson, our aggressive medical malpractice lawyer Bentonville, AR is ready to go up against the physicians, clinics, hospitals, or whoever else may be responsible for your injuries. We are regulars in state and federal courthouses across Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas, so we know our way around the judicial system. Medical malpractice cases in particular require intense litigation efforts in order to bring your case to a successful conclusion, whether it requires a negotiated settlement or a trial.  Contact us to begin, and we can create a tailored litigation strategy aimed at maximizing your compensation.

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