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If you are going through the emotionally difficult and stressful experience of divorce, then you need a divorce lawyer Divorce Lawyer Bentonville, ARBentonville, AR clients can rely on to understand their point of view, show compassion and understanding for what they are going through, and protect their rights. At Harrelson Law Firm you can find just that. Steve Harrelson is not only an extremely experienced divorce lawyer Bentonville, AR clients have trusted for years, but he is also passionately committed to justice and to helping his clients secure justice through all of their personal and legal challenges and difficulties. At Harrelson Law Firm you will not only receive legal assistance and representation, but your personal situation can also be treated with the respect, sensitivity, compassion and understanding that you deserve.


Managing the Divorce Process

Terminating a marriage can be a long, drawn out, difficult process. It can involve complex financial valuations, legal documents and contract interpretation disputes. It can often be complicated even further by disputes between spouses about the circumstances leading up to the divorce, the reason for divorce, the ownership of various assets, contributions and purchases made during the marriage, and the existence or non-existence of certain agreements made during or before the marriage. These disagreements can be intertwined with anger, aggression, sorrow and heartache between the spouses involved.

Of course, when children are involved, the process is usually even more painful, difficult and complicated. Custody battles can often require spouses to explain why another spouse may be unfit to retain custody – a process which can prove painful and hurtful for all parties involved. The best interests of the children should always be of paramount importance, although this is not always the case as spouses end up prioritizing their own interests, desires or pride.

Through all of this conflict, complexity and emotion, you need a divorce lawyer Bentonville, AR clients know can remain cool, calm and firm. At Harrelson Law Firm, we take care of all the tedious legal complexities because we know that you already have enough stress on your plate. We aim to reduce the emotional pain of the process as much as possible, by communicating, and sometimes fighting, on your behalf. We know that you are going through a difficult time emotionally and that the break down of a relationship can be incredibly draining without the added stress of legal battles and technicalities. That’s why we handle those for you – hiring a Bentonville divorce lawyer can make the process as smooth and emotionally manageable as can be. By doing this, we hope that you have more time to focus on your own emotional recovery, lifestyle adjustment, and the wellbeing of your children.


Why Harrelson Law Firm?

Steve Harrelson is an experienced divorce lawyer Bentonville, AR residents have trusted for years as not only a lawyer but also as a legislator and leader – serving as the Arkansas House Majority Leader, the Chair of the Arkansas House Judiciary Committee and serving on the Arkansas Senate. Steve’s experience has left him with a unique legal insight and understanding that no other divorce lawyer in Bentonville, AR could offer. On top of that, his record of leadership and service is testament to his passion for justice – something that he seeks for each and every one of his clients.

If you want the help of a divorce lawyer Bentonville, AR residents have trusted for years, then call Harrelson Law Firm today at (501) 374-2210 to schedule a consultation.