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Family law matters can be extremely complex, emotional, and difficult to manage without the guidance and advice of a family lawyer Bentonville, AR trusts. Harrelson Law Firm was founded by Steve Harrelson, a former state senator and chairman for the House Judiciary Committee. Now considered a Super Lawyer, a recognition that only the top 5% of lawyers receive, Steve Harrelson is dedicated to protecting and serving the people of Arkansas. If you are looking for a Bentonville family lawyer, you should consider Harrelson Law Firm and call for a complimentary consultation.

FAQ From a Family Lawyer in Bentonville, AR

Family law is complex and trying to navigate it on your own could lead to more legal troubles than you originally had in the first place. To protect your rights and get your case complete as quickly as possible, it’s a smart choice to team up with a family lawyer Bentonville, AR has to offer.

Harrelson Law Firm may help you to navigate your matter as diligently as possible. If you would like to discuss your case, please call us today.

Do I really need a family lawyer?

It is ordinarily a good idea to get advice from a lawyer when you’re facing a major life change, such as a separation or divorce. By having a family lawyer Bentonville, AR provides on your side, you may ensure your rights, as well as your children’s rights, are protected to their fullest. Furthermore, a lawyer understands that current laws and legislation in your state could make a big difference in the way your case pans out.

Regardless of what your family situation may be, you may wonder whether or not you need a lawyer. Some people might tell you that you can do things on your own without any formal counsel, but this is not recommended. In general, if any of the following situations applies to you, it is advisable to seek counsel from a family lawyer Bentonville, AR residents rely on.

  • You are getting a divorce and your spouse is not cooperating with your requests.
  • There are children involved.
  • Your soon to be ex-spouse has hired a lawyer.
  • You are experiencing disagreements with your spouse or significant other.
  • You fear for your life or that of your children’s.
  • Domestic violence is a factor.
  • You feel emotionally drained and unable to take care of things on your own.
  • Significant wealth or assets are involved.
  • Your spouse is planning to move across state, abroad, or far away with your children.

A family lawyer Bentonville, AR respects routinely handles divorce cases; however, there are other legal matters that may benefit from counsel. These include:

  • Establishing paternity
  • Re-negotiating child support or child custody
  • Annulment
  • Drawing up prenuptials
  • Appeals and mediation
  • Enforcement of court orders

If you are not sure about retaining a lawyer, or have concerns about the costs, you are encouraged to speak directly with Harrelson Law Firm.

Harrelson Law Firm Is On Your Side

A family lawyer is trained to research, think, and create a case that is accepted by legal professionals and the US court system. Furthermore, it is the lawyer’s job to represent you and your interests. If you are ready to ease any stress and put the most difficult tasks in the hands of a family lawyer Bentonville, AR families trust, please call (501) 374-2210.