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When you are in the need of the services of a seasoned family lawyer Bentonville, AR residents trust, contact the Family Lawyer Bentonville, ARHarrelson Law Firm. Our lawyers have extensive legal experience in all aspects of Arkansas family law statutes and can help you with your family law issue. If you would like to speak with a Bentonville family lawyer from our firm, call our office today.

What Types of Cases Does a Family Lawyer Bentonville, AR Families Depend on Handle?

Each family lawyer Bentonville, AR parents call from the Harrelson Law Firm understands how stressful family law issues can be. Not only do these cases often determine what your financial future may be like, more importantly, they often determine the future your child will have and whether or not you will have a significant involvement in their future.

Divorce: In order to get a divorce in the state of Arkansas, you need to provide the court with a reason for it. This is referred to as grounds for divorce. Arkansas recognizes the following as sufficient reasons for ending a marriage:

  • Adultery;
  • Alcohol abuse for more than one year;
  • Cruel and abusive treatment;
  • Felony conviction;
  • Impotence;
  • Incurable insanity;
  • Mental cruelty; and
  • Refusal to financially support.

If you do not have one of the above-listed grounds, you can file for a no-fault divorce if you and your spouse have lived apart for at least 18 months. A family lawyer Bentonville, AR locals rely on can review your circumstances and determine what grounds you can use for the dissolution of your marriage.

Child Custody: Your family lawyer can also assist you with child custody issues, whether you and the other parent are married, divorcing, or are unmarried. The court may determine which parent should have physical custody and which parent should have legal custody. Physical custody is where the child will primarily live and legal custody addresses the decisions that need to be made for the child such as health issues, education, and religion.

In many cases, one parent may have primary physical custody, with the other parent having visitation rights, but they both can be awarded joint legal custody. A judge can also award joint physical and joint legal custody to both parents or guardians. If the circumstances warrant, the judge can also award one parent sole physical and legal custody. Whatever decision the court comes to, it is always based on the best interest of the child standard. Your lawyer from our firm can present evidence to the court to support your preference for custody arrangements.

Let a Family Lawyer Bentonville, AR Clients Recommend Advocate for Your Family

If you are facing a divorce, child custody battle, or other family law issue and would like to meet with a family lawyer in Bentonville, AR, contact the Harrelson Law Firm. Our lawyers are available to meet with you and discuss the circumstances of your situation and how we can help.

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